Amy + Seth

It is finally here my friends! The international adventure of a lifetime has made its debut!!

A lot of people have asked me how I got the honor of filming this breathtaking Italian wedding, so I’ll go back to the beginning. Over 10 years ago at work I met one of the kindest people I know, Ivy Mellow. It wasn’t long until I was introduced to this amazing group of people that surrounds her, including her truly amazing sister, Amy. We all worked in the kitchen of Ivy’s Simply Homemade (me doing anything I could to try and not ruin any dishes while Amy and Ivy poured over amazing creations). Amy soon brought Seth to the kitchen to help out when he could, and as you could imagine, they made an incredible team.

It was such an honor when several years later, Amy and Seth decided to choose me to document their wedding journey. Their adventure began on Misquamicut Beach where Amy grew up. The very spot where Seth proposed, and where everything would change and yet remain perfectly the same. Where forever would be officially be agreed upon.

Amy and Seth held an intimate wedding on the beach with a few close friends and family members during a stormy evening with furious waves that soon calmed into a brilliant sunset. It was one of those skies that you HAD to stop what you were doing just to admire its beauty.

A few months later, around 50 guests flew out to Italy to celebrate Seth and Amy’s love. Whether guests had been there or not, everyone was in awe. The endless food and amazing phenomenon where hangovers didn’t exist, the locations and landscape, the generosity of the locals, everything was indescribably incredible. After navigating through the tightest Italian alleyways, we ended up at Corrado for rehearsal dinner. It was an intimate evening complete with LOTS of pasta, vino, and laughter.

Nothing slowed down for the wedding day. The toasts were plentiful, the weather was perfect, and Masseria Potenti came to life. During the beautiful chaos of filming Seth and Amy’s fast-paced, emotional, and truly remarkable wedding where it felt like things were going a million hours an hour, everything slowed when Seth and Amy began their vows. In that moment, nothing else mattered. Everyone was merely peering in on a moment only made for them. You could FEEL the love and closeness shared by this amazing couple.

The celebrations never waned as pasta and vino steadily flowed throughout the night (not to mention a lively band making a surprise appearance during dinner). Even the day after the wedding came with its own unique adventures.

The final day we made a trek out to Bari to take some shots by the water. The streets were packed and the sun set quick that day. Following Seth and Amy, I noticed they jumped out of their car in the middle of the street with one photographer and booked it across the road. I grabbed as much camera gear as I could manage and jumped out of my car to follow behind them. We were literally running through crowd-filled alleyways, over bridges, and onto a narrow overhang in an attempt to grab some incredible footage. As you can see below, the mission was an absolute success.

There is so much to love about this couple. I look at these two and I can’t help but have this huge goofy grin on my face while filming their love. It’s so genuine, pure and honest. Whether Amy is leading Seth fully clothed into the ocean or climbing along a fairly dangerous section of ledge, Seth questionably assesses the situation, but says it all just in his eyes... “For you, I will.” Maybe questioning why, but never questioning if, because for Amy, it is worth it. It is something we all look for in our relationship, displayed in these magical moments of doing something, anything, for the one they love simply because they undoubtedly admire who they are.

The scenery that I saw, the people that I met, everything about this trip was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Italy is truly world class, and as a die-hard adventure lover, I was in absolute heaven the entire time.

Seth and Amy, thank you for allowing me to be part of your truly amazing family for this amazing journey!