Lindsay + Mike

There are some people that you only have to know for a brief time to realize that they are true, genuine people. Lindsay and Mike are those kind of people. From the moment we met, I don’t think I saw either of them without a smile. Their compassion for others and each other is palpable, and it is without a doubt that they surround themselves with friends and family with a similar nature. From the speeches alone, anyone could get a sense for Mike’s goofy but professional personality and Lindsay who is full of grace and kindness. The group at their wedding clearly held the highest regards for the two of them.

While Lindsay’s brother, Joey, wasn’t there in person, he was absolutely there in spirit. Joey had played baseball for the University of Rhode Island alongside Mike. Joey tragically passed away, but it is clear that he played a key role in bringing Lindsay and Mike together. A year after Joey’s passing, Mike met Lindsay at a URI baseball game, and they have been together ever since.

Lindsay and Mike, it was a true honor learning your story and spending such a special day with you and your families. Your love and attitudes are inspiring, and your day was nothing short of perfect. Cheers to such a happy love and an amazing life!